Video Production and Graphic Design Services at JZ Marketing


At JZMarketing is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency on the island of Aruba, we’re constantly looking at ways to upgrade our technologies and capabilities. Today we’re highlighting what we can do for your business with video production projects that include drone video footage and animation videos, making use of Google 360-degree Photography and graphic design, and also animated GIFs.

Drone Footage for Better Video Production Services in Aruba, Caribbean

Videos have become a huge part of marketing efforts in recent years, Not only for the Caribbean region and he Island of Aruba, but around the globe. And videos can be extremely effective for use not only on your company’s website but also your social media marketing efforts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms. JZ Marketing has recently added a drone to its collection of high-tech equipment in order to produce even better marketing videos for our clients. The kind of bird’s-eye view you can get with a drone equipped with a camera simply makes for more engaging, unique and compelling video production projects. For example, in this video production we did for our client, Ricardo’s Restaurant and Bar, about their Halloween 2017 Karaoke Dance Party, we used the drone to create awesome footage at both the beginning and end of the short video. Check it out below:


When it comes to better video production services, adding a drone into the mix makes the sky the limit – quite literally!

Animation Video Production in Aruba

For many of our clients, real-world video footage tends to make the most sense, but there is also plenty of room for animated videos without live real-world footage. For example, when our client Hermes Cargo needed a video that would clearly explain its online shopping services, we felt that the best way to go about this kind of explainer video would be an animation video rather than real-world footage. Here’s how it turned out:


If there are aspects of your business that would best be marketed with this kind of animated video production, contact JZ Marketing today to get the process started!

360-Degree Photography and Graphic Designs

Another upgrade to our equipment at JZ Marketing is the addition of 360-degree photography. We have already mentioned how useful this is if you want to take advantage of providing a virtual tour of the interior of your business on Google Street View Trusted, so read that post if you’re interested in that. What we’ll highlight here instead is that the whole 360-degree effect can also be used in graphic design when you want to spice up some of your company’s social media postings. For example, when we wanted to highlight the different theme nights diners can enjoy at Sweet Peppers Bar and Restaurant, we decided rather than just a regular post image, we made it more interesting by turning it into a 360-degree image. Here’s how it looked when used on Facebook:


Mixing things up a bit in this way keeps your social media marketing efforts fresh and engaging for the people you’re trying to reach.

Animated GIFs Continue to Trend on Social Media

The last thing we’ll highlight today are animated GIFs. You’ve no doubt seen lots of these on Facebook, and they are a great way to make a point in a fun and engaging way. We use them in the social media marketing we do for clients in various ways. For example, when we wanted to highlight the build-your-burger offering a few months back at White Modern Cuisine, we created two different animated GIFs. In the one on the left, we created a kind of quick slideshow to show Chef Urvin Croes assembling one of his carefully crafted burgers. Customer have a wide range of items available to go on their burger, so in the second we decided to highlight those choices in a fun way by having them scurry onto the image. Here’s how they turned out:


We hope this review of some of the new capabilities and technologies at JZ Marketing is helpful for you to know about as you think about the best ways to market your business in the brave new world of the digital era. And the good news is that you don’t have to go it alone. Whether it’s video production or graphic design, we’ve got you covered. If you want to leverage these kinds of marketing capabilities for your company, get in touch with JZ Marketing and find out what a dedicated team of professionals can do for you!