Why Video Animation is Hot

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Why are animation videos for websites such a great marketing tool?

Last month we published an article on our blog which showed how, by placing a video on your business website, your online marketing could become 74,285 times more efficient. We also mentioned that your video should create a user experience that cannot be duplicated by words alone. In this article we aim to focus on one significant marketing technique that will help the visitor to your website remember their user experience – video animation.

The Three E’s of Video Animation

Video animation is a friendly and direct way to promote your business. Its premise is very simple and the message that is communicated within a cartoon video presentation is presented in such a way that a child could understand it. Furthermore, in an online environment in which there are millions of promotional videos being added every day, it is important that your message not only stands out from the crowd, but that it is remembered. This is where an understanding of the “three E’s of Video Animation” is important.

• E is for Explanation
Explanation videos not only engage the attention of the viewer, but enable you to present your ideas in a format that might not be possible if you were using a real-life scenario. Indeed it may be more practical to use an animated explanation video to communicate your message if you are in an industry such as safety, security or demolition!

• E is for Education
As well as engaging the attention of viewers, animation videos can also educate your potential customers about the facts and benefits of your product or service. It may not always be possible to produce a “How to” video about your particular product or service, and a cartoon video presentation may be more appropriate for your industry.

• E is for Entertainment
The entertainment factor of explanation videos is usually the hook that keeps your product or service in the mind of your potential customer. There is no guaranteed recipe for generating a huge return on a video marketing campaign; but a solid message, an understanding of your target audience and a call to action should certainly be included.

Here is an example of Google combining animation and real life “actors” while using the factors mentioned above to turn what might otherwise have been a “cute-but-instantly-forgettable” message into one which stuck in the minds of millions of viewers.


10 Reasons Why Video Animation is Hot

  1. Animation videos are understood by potential customers of all ages – Can you imagine how the above video might have failed to reach its target audience without animation?
  2. Research conducted in the States shows that up to 85% of people are more likely to reach purchasing decisions after watching explanation videos
  3. On average, people will stay two minutes longer on a website when there is a video to watch (but not always much longer than two minutes).
  4. According to Forrester Research, embedding a video on your website and publishing it on YouTube gives you a 53% higher likelihood of appearing on the first page of Google.
  5. Adding keyword-specific tags to your YouTube explanation videos makes it easier for potential customers that match your “buying personas” to find your business online.
  6. Figures suggest that 68% of people who watch online videos pass links to those videos onto their friends and colleagues.
  7. In the event that your explanation, educational and entertaining video goes viral, click-through rates should increase by up to 750%.
  8. Animation videos can be used off-line as well as online. A cartoon video presentation can be used in meetings and in other promotional pitches to promote your business.
  9. By loading your animation videos onto a mobile device, you will always be ready to “show and tell” what product or service your company has to offer, and have a unique business card that business associates will be unlikely to forget!
  10. Price! A video animation is typically less expensive than a live-action video.

Speak With Us about our Animation Videos Services

Producing animation videos is not as expensive as you may think, and if you would like to find out more about how hot your online marketing campaign could become with a cartoon video presentation, please do not hesitate to contact our digital marketing agency JZMarketing for an informal discussion about your company´s requirements. Our offices are located at Orange Plaza, unite 7, Aruba, Dutch Caribbean

Businesses are becoming more aware of the benefits of using animation videos and cartoons in video presentations, and consequently you will notice that more and more “explanation videos” are using animated characters to educate and entertain. Make sure you stay at the forefront of your potential customers’ thoughts by speaking with us about video animation today.

Video animation is a critical part of your online branding and communication campaign, widely used as an Inbound Marketing tool. If you interested in a great video animation presentation, JZ Marketing offers 3D and 2D video presentations for your business. Find out more about our Inbound Marketing services.