The Beauty of Inbound Marketing

Digital Marketing and Inbound marketing today

Although it’s been only recently that inbound marketing has become a huge buzzword in the 21st Century and the digital era, the ideas behind it have been kicking around for a surprisingly long time. In fact, it can be traced all the way back to the 1850s when Cyrus Hall McCormick was trying to figure out how to get people excited about the mechanical harvester or reaper he had evented twenty years earlier. Another early example was Sears and Roebuck with its mail-order catalog. In it’s simplest form, it’s about knowing the people to whom you’re trying to sell and connecting with them in ways that keep them engaged with your product or service as well as your brand.

Inbound Marketing Game-Changers

The Internet and social media platforms have been true game-changers for inbound marketing. After all, if you’ve ever paid for traditional outbound marketing such as radio, television, newspaper, or magazine ads, you know just how crazy expensive all that can be. By contrast, you can do a surprising amount of inbound marketing through your website and blog for very little money, and even more through social media platforms that don’t cost a thing, although of course you can pay extra to reach more people through sites like Facebook.

Customer Acquisition Versus Customer Retention

Because inbound marketing is all about connection and engagement and social media platforms are all about both, it’s the perfect match. This is especially important for JZ Marketing’s Aruba-based clients. Why? The reason is simple – it costs a whole lot more to acquire a new customer than to retain a current customer. Although the difference varies a lot by industry and study, research has shown that customer acquisition costs anywhere from 4 to 10 times more than customer retention (source). Aruba already enjoys the distinction of being one of the most revisited islands in the Caribbean (source), so it’s especially important for Aruba businesses to leverage their inbound marketing to keep returning tourists coming back not just to the island, but also to their establishments when they do return.

Connection and Engagement: Making it Happen

Blogs and social media networks are the perfect channels through which to accomplish that goal. The only issue then becomes whether or not a given business has the skills, know-how, and time needed to make it happen. Generating a constant stream of fresh, engaging written content for all these different channels can quickly become very time-consuming. If English isn’t your first language, the task becomes even harder. And because social media is all about photos and videos, yet more time is needed to keep up with visual content. For these reasons, more and more businesses are turning to inbound marketing agencies like JZ Marketing and Communications to make it happen. And still costs them far less than traditional outbound marketing.

Few things in this world are guaranteed, but one thing you bet on is this: People will only increasingly connect to the world through the Internet and social media platforms, and businesses who aren’t making the most of inbound marketing will be left behind. Ready to join the fun? Contact JZMarketing and make a free Marketing appointment today