Why Inbound Marketing Strategies Beat Outbound Every Time

Inbound Marketing for Marketing agencies

Some people have been saying that the whole debate about inbound marketing strategies versus outbound marketing is pointless. They point out that it’s not consumers who think in terms of inbound versus outbound, only marketers. They also like to say that truly customer-centric marketing is “media agnostic.”

These naysayers do have a point. Yes, it is only marketers who make the distinction, not the consumers. But that’s the whole point! All businesses have to carefully and strategically determine how to spend their scarce budgetary resources on marketing that’s going to get the results they’re looking. And in this regard, inbound marketing is going to beat outbound marketing just about every single time – especially if you’re focusing on customer engagement and retention.

Inbound Marketing Strategies are Much Less Expensive

Think about some of the traditional outbound marketing channels – television, radio, and print advertising (newspapers, magazines, direct mail, billboards). What do they all have in common? They’re extremely expensive. It’s like putting a solid gold hook on the end of a fishing line and tossing it out in the middle of the vast ocean and hoping you catch something. You might feel a tug on the line and get excited. You start reeling in the line, but suddenly it goes slack. You wind it back in see that you did not catch the fish. And your precious golden hook disappeared with the fish as well. So now you’re not only lacking the fish, but your golden hook is gone as well. Precious resources wasted.

Sure, you might reach well over a 100 million people if you buy a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl but only if you have $5 million to spend on it! Obviously, that’s an example at the most extreme end of the TV advertising spectrum. But the point still stands that outbound marketing is one heck of a pricy gamble that might not get you much of anything by way of results.

Yes, people still watch television, listen to the radio, and a few even still read actual newspapers and magazines, but if those outbound channels are where you’re spending the lion’s share of your precious marketing budget, you’re missing out, big time. Inbound marketing is quickly becoming the go-to approach for effective marketing. This doesn’t mean you should completely ignore outbound marketing. It still has its place, but it should probably be a pretty minor place in the overall scheme of things.

Inbound Marketing Strategies: Experience the Difference

The next time you’re wincing as you write a check for your latest outbound marketing ads, just keep the following in mind: You can accomplish so much more with inbound marketing at a fraction of the cost of outbound marketing, and you’re likely to get more satisfying results from it as well.

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