Caribbean Businesses Need Professional Marketing Strategy Assistance


As we talk and work with more and more businesses in Aruba and throughout the Caribbean, it has become increasingly clear to us that too many entrepreneurs are trying to do everything themselves, which inevitably means some parts of the business go well while other parts suffer. And one of the things that tends to suffer the most is marketing. In this article, we’ll follow along what we have come to see as the Journey of an Entrepreneur and how JZ Marketing can help, because Caribbean businesses need professional marketing strategy assistance!

Professional Marketing Strategy Assistance for Beginning Entrepreneurs

Do you remember how exciting it was when you first started your business and it started growing? It’s a thrilling time in any entrepreneur’s journey. It would be nice if that early success would just keep going, right? Unfortunately, what many if not most entrepreneurs experience is that the growth slows down and might even begin declining. Customers are disappearing and you start to get nervous about the state of your business. Here’s the question you need to ask yourself: Are you trying to do too much on your own? It’s understandable why this happens. After all, when you first started out you probably didn’t have any choice but to take on the vast majority of tasks related to the business. The early success you enjoyed has made you think you really can keep doing it all and continue growing and thriving. And there may be one or even several pieces of the puzzle you can do well, but it’s those other pieces of the puzzle you’re not so good at that are dragging you down.

Companies need Professional Marketing Strategy Assistance

Some entrepreneurs become discouraged or think they don’t have what it takes to succeed. Don’t believe it! You successfully got your business off the ground, so you know you have what it takes to succeed. But no one should expect to be able to do it all themselves once the business grows substantially. This is where you need to take a long hard look at what you can do well yourself and what you need help with. Let’s hone in on marketing. Some entrepreneurs think that the digital age of the 21stcentury makes marketing easier. Not true! And that’s why so many entrepreneurs are experiencing frustration and decline in their businesses. When they try to navigate the waters of online marketing, they quickly wind up lost at sea with all the platforms available and how much time it takes to utilize them.


Today, people are literally bombarded with information and ads both online and offline. How do you cut through all that noise to get your message in front of the potential customers you need to reach? How do you decide which platforms to use? What kinds of graphics, photos and videos should be incorporated? Is the written content good enough? How do you drill down into the niche audiences and target groups you know would be interested in your business? You can see why it’s unrealistic to think you’re going to figure all this out on your own.



What you really need is a whole team of people just for marketing, including a marketing manager, web designer, graphic designer, content writer, photographer, videographer and social media marketing. Hiring each one of those and adding them to your company’s payroll would be hugely expensive. Could your company afford to do that? Of course not! And you don’t have to.


Solving the Challenge of Professional Marketing Strategy Assistance

Hiring all those individuals wouldn’t make sense for your business, even though you wouldn’t need each one of them full-time but probably just a handful of hours each week. Instead, imagine that you’ve got a whole integrated team of professionals who have developed expertise in each of these marketing areas, all working together for YOUR business, helping you not only with professional marketing strategy assistance, but implementing and executing the day-to-day marketing work on your company’s behalf. Sounds pretty appealing, right?

The good news is that this is what you get when you work with JZMarketing and its partner organizations. We’re a full-service marketing agency specialized in online inbound marketing strategies (social media marketing, web design, blogging, etc.) that get results while still recognizing and utilizing the more traditional outbound channels such as radio, television and newspapers. After all, we want your business to get the best of both worlds for maximum impact!

When it comes to marketing a business in Aruba or anywhere in and around the Caribbean, you’ll find that the team at JZ Marketing has all the tools and expertise to make your business shine online and offline. If you’d like to find out what we can do for you, sign up for a FREE marketing consultation today!