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As most of you probably know by now, SEO or search engine optimization is the service or activity that aims to improve the visibility of websites in search engines based on the keywords users are searching online. But SEO is changing rapidly as search engines become smarter in knowing what people want, and increasingly show the best results that matche people’s needs.

JZ Marketing offers a unique Content Marketing Management service that helps websites not only to increase their positioning in SERP (search engine results pages) but also targets potential clients interested in what the website offers. Therefor, we have create a service combo called SEO Content Marketing.

Instead of “push” marketing (outbound) , why not just be there with relevant content at the right time, which is whenever your prospective customer is searching on related keywords??


What we offer

Blogs (daily/weekly/monthly)
Minimum 500 words per blog
Keyword research
Target audience analysis
Call to actions
SEO content
Website Analysis
Competition benchmark
Market Keyword analysis
Content update
Image SEO alt tag
Inbound Marketing advice
Add content in website
Internal Link Building
eBook Content
Inbound Plan
Marketing Research
eBook Design Incl.
Content creation
From 5 to 10 pages

Content marketing for business websites

Professional copy writing and content marketing allows you to keep your business website alive with fresh and new content. When we talk about SEO (search engine optimization), content is king, and Internet search engines such as Google love new, fresh content. When you have professionally written content that has been adequately marketed, the pages of your website will do better by Google during the indexing process and this will help your business rank for different “long-tail keywords” and your business blog to become independent landing pages in search engine results.

JZ Marketing can provide a business blog management and website content marketing service to small, medium and large companies. We offer unique professional content for your business website, with your complete website rewritten where necessary and more.