How to Increase Casino Traffic

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How Casinos in Aruba and the Caribbean can benefit from Digital Marketing

If you are trying to attract more customers and increase casino traffic to your location, an SEO and inbound marketing strategy might not be the first thing you would think of. After all, casinos are more of a “local” entertainment facility, and very few people would travel from far away to try their luck in your casino when there are probably plenty of venues nearby to them.

However, social media has become the new “Word of Mouth Marketing” and it is important that casinos Aruba and everywhere receive positive word of mouth marketing recommendations from their existing database of clients in order to attract new customers through their doors.

Social media marketing is an integral part of any inbound marketing strategy, and is also closely linked to successful search engine optimization (SEO). These tools are how casinos can embrace the local visitors in Aruba, the CAribbean and the Internet to market their businesses

For example, Increase Casino Traffic Case Study: Nijmegen, the Netherlands

As an example of how powerful an inbound marketing strategy can be to casinos, we would like to use the example of two casinos in Nijmegen in the Netherlands – the first (Casino A) performs very well in search engine results pages because of its SEO and inbound marketing strategy, but the second (Casino B) dedicates few resources to its social media marketing and appears at the bottom of the list of “Casinos in Nijmegen” on Google.

If a resident of Nijmegen, a guest or tourist, were looking for a casino at which to spend the evening, they would be more likely to choose the one which appears at the top of the search engine results for the following reasons:

  • Casino A has a dedicated Facebook page which is frequently updated and links well to its page.
  • It also has an active Twitter account which is often used to address customer services issues and to promote new content on its casino website.
  • The casino website is well-designed, easy to navigate and contains content that will attract new customers when they receive word of mouth marketing recommendations.

Effectively, Casino A has taken the opportunity to provide relevant and compelling content – such as previewing the facilities and the service customers will receive when they visit the casino – to make their venue attractive to website visitors when potential customers click onto the website after being presented with a Tweet, a Like or a link by somebody in their social media circle.

Inbound Marketing Strategies for Casinos

Inbound marketing strategies for casinos are not just about Twitter and Facebook – although Casino A’s use of these two platforms to provide a higher level of customer service is commendable – but inbound marketing strategies for casinos should only commence when the casino website is ready to welcome new visitors.

On the casino website there is the opportunity to include far more information than can ever be provided in the 140 characters of a Tweet — images, videos and business blogs can all be used as tools to encourage potential visitors to a brick and mortar casino. Indeed, for many people who have never visited a casino before, images (moving or otherwise) of what they can expect when they arrive are likely to dispel any apprehension they may have about entering a casino for the first time.

These images, videos and business blogs should all be promoted through social media marketing as part of an inbound marketing strategy – especially business blogs that provide added value to potential customers by explaining the rules of casino games, how to buy chips, how to cash them out and betting strategies that may help them to win money – or at least avoid losing it too quickly!

Encourage Visitors to Interact

The added-value elements of an inbound marketing strategy should, by themselves, give existing visitors to a casino website a reason to share it among their social media circles; however inbound marketing strategies for casinos should also encourage visitors to interact with the website by introducing website-only loyalty programs, bonuses for referring a friend and even incorporating into the website a freeplay virtual casino, at which visitors to a casino website can become more familiar with the games they are likely to play when they arrive at the venue.

All of these features will increase the word of mouth marketing that visitors to the casino website will do on the casino’s behalf, and will compliment SEO content and the casino’s own social media marketing campaign to elevate the casino´s website towards the top of the search engines results pages, all of which will increase casino traffic to your venue.

Increase Casino Traffic to your Casino

If you are involved in marketing casinos in Aruba or World wide and would like to discuss inbound marketing strategies for casinos with one of our experienced representatives, you are invited to give us a call or leave your contact details in the box below for someone from our team to call you back.

We would be happy to give your casino website a free marketing scan and suggest ways in which your existing inbound marketing strategy could be improved upon – without any obligation from you to act on the advice we provide. JZMarketing can help you increase casino traffic in Aruba, Dutch Caribbean and anyway in the world.