Insurance Companies Need Inbound Marketing to Increase Sales

Insurance companies in Aruba and around the WORLD need inbound marketing

We want to make sure everyone understands how insurance companies need marketing agencies to create inbound marketing to increase sales. According to the inbound marketing software platform Hubspot, people use search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) and social media channels more than half the time to research, compare and buy insurance products online.

People turn to Google and social media channels for a reason. It is fast and convenient. Potential customers simply tap in a string of words, hit the search button and click on websites that rank highest on the search engine results pages. Therefor, Local Marketing agencies in the Aruba and other islands in the Caribbean , such as JZMarketing offer Inbound Marketing as a marketing solution to improve business performance.

People looking for insurance products online are willing to a read a business blog, download content from insurance company websites or request further information. They engage with insurance companies and then ask them for help.

How insurance companies increase sales with inbound marketing is by having a strong presence on these communication channels, which attracts potential customers, converts them into clients and then maintains the relationship.

Four Facts about how Insurance Companies in Aruba and in the Caribbean Need Inbound Marketing

Four key facts (also supplied by Hubspot) show the importance of inbound marketing for insurance companies – two relating to insurance company social media marketing and two relating to insurance company business blogs:-

  • 61 percent of insurance companies using social media marketing have acquired a client through Facebook
  • 40 percent of insurance companies using social media marketing have acquired a client through other social medias
  • Insurance company websites with business blogs attract 55 percent more traffic than those who do not
  • More than 30 percent of insurance companies that produce business blogs acquire new clients through their blogs

Insurance company social media marketing and insurance company business blogs should go hand-in-hand. This is called “Content Marketing” and whenever new content is published on insurance company websites, its promotion through social media marketing enables it to be accessed and shared by those looking for insurance products online. It also helps to improve search engine page rankings, which will in turn elevate insurance company websites to the top of search engine results pages.

Important note: Insurance company business blogs should not be considered only as a tool for attracting new clients. They should also be used to keep existing clients informed and for maintaining relationships.

How to Get followers with Facebook

There are several simple steps that can be taken in order for insurance companies to increase sales with inbound marketing via social media marketing in Aruba – they take a little time, and you may not see immediate results (highly ranked insurance company websites take a little time to become highly ranked), but they are simple.

Work Out your Client Personas

In order to attract people to your website, have them find your content interesting and take further action, you need to be appealing to the type of person they are. Insurance company websites in Aruba have a wide selection of insurance products online, and therefore you need to tailor each section for the persona of customer (or customer type) who may be searching for it.

For example, insurance company business blogs marketing pet insurance should be tailored to towards pet owners (generally caring – especially if they are looking for insurance for their pet) whereas insurance company social media marketing which targets travel insurance should be more upbeat and adventurous.

Create an Appropriate Web Design

Once you have identified your client personas, your web design should reflect the type of person you are trying to attract. Website design covers all manner of content in insurance company websites, so you should not rely on only images to do your work for you, but also compelling text content on an easy-to-navigate website and, wherever possible, video. For more info Contact our local partner Web Design company in Aruba call Website Design Aruba

It should also be remembered that many people looking for insurance products online will be doing so from their mobile devices. Therefore you should consider investing in a responsive website (one which adjusts to the device it is being viewed on) and plan the design of your website accordingly.

Provide Added Value to Your Visitors and Clients

Now that you have attracted the attention of a potential customer, you need to give them something of “added-value”. Even in insurance, price alone does not determine which company a customer will choose, and you can stand out from the competition by offering added-value insurance company business blogs which contain “how to” videos and free eBooks which explain in plain English why your company should be the number one choice for their business.

Insurance company social media marketing should also be included in the mix. You can host online seminars on the basics of insurance and how to save money on insurance, create company-crafted hash tags to enable existing and potential customers to ask questions in an open forum, and also use social media communication channels as a transparent method of dealing with customer service issues.

Insurance Companies Need Inbound Marketing: Get the Help you Want

Forward-thinking insurance companies are embracing inbound marketing as a means to increase sales. The ways of doing things in the past – display ads, telemarketing and other “interruption advertising” – are now considered less effective than inbound marketing for insurance companies to reach out to customers. People are fed up of being interrupted by marketers and want to find out information by themselves or from friends.

If you would like to be one of the sources people turn to in order to find out more about insurance products online, and would like to know more about how insurance companies can increase sales with inbound marketing, you are invited to give us a call and request a free marketing scan of your business website and social media marketing campaign. We will offer any advice we can, but it is up to you whether you want to act upon our recommendations.

Going back to the above section about “How to get More Tweets,” the bottom line when taking each of the steps is “Would it Interest Me?” If so, you are realizing how insurance companies need inbound marketing and making it work. If not, you should give JZMarketing a call today!

Image courtesy of Phil Whitehouse via Flickr