Planning a Web Shop store for your business in Aruba and the Caribbean

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Planning a Web Shop for an eCommerce Business

 A Few Facts about eCommerce in NL and the world

According to the Centraal Bureau voor de StatistiekeCommerce in the Netherlands is thriving. Four out of five Dutch households with an Internet connection purchased goods or services online last year and, with the volume of online sales growing by 11 percent in a year, it is no surprise that more retailers are planning a web shop for eCommerce.

In total, 9.8 million Dutch citizens (about 75 percent of the population) engaged in eCommerce in the Netherlands during 2012; with the most popular category of purchase being new goods between the prices of €100.00 and €500.00 (around 40 percent of all online purchases), and women using the Internet to buy goods and services almost 50 percent more than men.

Where to Start with a Web Shop for eCommerce Businesses

In order for an eCommerce website in the Netherlands to be successful, it is important that the website is planned in advance – so that visitors find the site, become leads and convert into customers. The features that should be integrated into any eCommerce website in the Netherlands can be broken down into two categories – those intended to attract visitors to an eCommerce website, and those intended to lead those visitors through the sales process.

Attract Visitors to an Web Shop for eCommerce Website

In order to attract visitors to web shop for eCommerce website, the website needs to have a prominent position in search engine results pages and an active social media marketing strategyeCommerce in the Netherlands is driven by search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.) and, to get noticed by the search engines, a website should be well designed and contain keyword-researched content which is then marketed via social media.

Social media marketing is more than just publishing a link to the website’s latest business blog on Twitter. It was mentioned above that women are using the Internet to buy goods and services much more than men, and – importantly – women also choose to use image-orientated social media (particularly Pinterest and Instagram) more frequently to share their interests within their social media circles (a further reason why a web shop for an eCommerce business should be well designed).

Lead Visitors through the Sales Process

Once visitors arrive at your website, they should find using the Internet to buy goods and services simple, and this is why JZMarketing always recommend using Magento – an eCommerce software platform which enables website owners to accept payments for the goods and services they offer while taking advantage of flexible web design options and powerful online marketing tools.

Magento web design is constructed in such a way as to minimize the risk of shopping cart abandonment (where visitors attracted to a web shop for an eCommerce business add items to their shopping cart but fail to complete the purchase), support the use of loyalty programs to attract repeat customers to the website, and provide the means to increase the shopping experience of customers (in inbound marketing terms, this is known as “delight”) in order that customers share their experiences within their social media circles.

A Bit about Magento Web Design

Magento web design is more than just a software package which enables eCommerce in the Netherlands. It is a versatile and adaptable platform which is fully customisable and provides website owners with multiple hosting, design and payment options. Magento web design is used by more than 200,000 online retailers worldwide and the site has an online store offering more than 5,000 software extensions to suit every conceivable type of business.

The one issue with Magento web design that we are aware of is that the variety of service plans and extensions can be confusing for somebody unfamiliar with using the Internet to buy goods and services. Four different payment plans exist that may suit a web shop for an ecommerce business, and to enter into a contract that failed to provide all the services an ecommerce website the World and Aruba may need would be a waste of money, as would filling a website with unnecessary extensions.

FREE Advice about a Web Shop for eCommerce

In addition to recommending Magento web design for small and medium sized businesses, JZMarketing can also guide you through the options which are available if you are planning a web shop for eCommerce. Magento integration would form part of the “sales and marketing advice” included in our All in One inbound marketing package, and you could also benefit from our experience on how to attract visitors to an eCommerce website by requesting a FREE marketing scan.

Please note that you are under no obligation by speaking with us to take advantage of any of the services offered by the Caribbean Digital Marketing agency JZMarketing – however, if you are considering venturing into the growing world of eCommerce in the Netherlands, a quick chat with one of our team may save you a great deal of time and money developing a web shop for an eCommerce business.

Furthermore, if it is not a suitable time to contact JZ Marketing right now, simply drop us an email via the contact form below, with your telephone number included, and one of our team will get back to you at a convenient opportunity.