Facebook Live Video and Video Production Hot trends this New Year


Facebook Live and Video is the direction to go for your Marketing in Aruba and The World

Happy New Year from Aruba, now that the New Year is well underway, it’s time to take a look at what many are predicting could be the hottest inbound marketing trend of 2017: Live video inbound marketing. This one is rising fast, so it’s important for companies to move quickly if you want to stay on the leading edge of this wave.

Live Video Inbound Marketing: Rapid Rising

Social Media Examiner has reported that during 2016, as many as 14% of marketers did some initial experimentation with live video. Even more impressive is that 43% of marketers surveyed by Wyzowl said they plan to take it to the next level this year. Aruba is not behind, on this beautiful but think island of Aruba Digital Marketing and Facebook Marketing is the Hot trend since last years. Facebook Live being the most successful today.

Instagram just launched its live video-streaming feature in November 2016, and Twitter followed suit in December. Those are the new kids on the block. But if you want to reach the most people, then you’re going to want to use Facebook Live and/or Periscope (which is owned by Twitter). On New Year’s Eve Facebook Live logged it’s biggest spike in use since it was launched, with literally millions of people live-streaming some portion of their celebration.

Most businesses are already using Facebook as a vital part of their inbound marketing program, so it makes sense to focus on it rather than learn a new platform that probably has many fewer users (and there are plenty of other live-stream platforms out there). And the great thing is that once your Facebook Live video stream is done, the video gets posted to your page to serve as ongoing marketing content for those who didn’t see it live.


Content Ideas for Live Video Inbound Marketing

Then there’s the question of what you should broadcast. The sky’s the limit here, really, but take some time to think through what it is your customers want to see – you could even go so far as to ask them! Some companies are using live video to introduce new products. Others are using it for customer Q&A sessions. Restaurants and clubs are going live with special events, theme nights, and behind-the-scenes sessions to show their food being prepared and drinks being mixed. Customers seem to love this content.

Come up with a theme for regular series (such as weekly or monthly) and ask viewers to weigh in with what they’d like to see in future installments. That’s the kind of engagement you can aim for with live video inbound marketing content. After all, Facebook’s early data indicates that people comment 10 times more on FB Live videos than regular videos. Impressive!

Evaluate Your Live Video Metrics

Just like other aspects of your Facebook page, you can access a variety of performance metrics for each of your company’s live videos on the Insights tab of your Facebook business page, including the following:

  • Minutes viewed
  • Unique viewers
  • Video views
  • 10-second views
  • Average % completion
  • Peak live viewers
  • People reached
  • Reactions
  • Comments
  • Shares

Armed with this kind of data, you’ll be able to tweak your use of Facebook Live to get maximum exposure and reap more benefits from facebook live and video in the Island of Aruba and the Caribbean. Need help with your inbound marketing strategy? JZMarketing today!