Why not start your ecommerce business integrated with local banks

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Why is important to have a webshop or e-commerce in Aruba?

Almost all businesses are entering the online markets now as the internet provides an opportunity for market expansion and tapping the global market. In Aruba for instance, there are 91,532 internet users out of the total population of 104,263. The figure only highlights the need for businesses to engage their Aruba e-commerce customers online.

Doing business online means reaching as much of your target audience as you can and offer them your service in a most convenient way possible. Convenience means your Aruba e-commerce business has integrated with local banks to give your clients a cost-effective and secure payment system.

Benefits of Integrating your E-Commerce with Local Banks

An efficient online market should be able to bring the services closer to home. The Central Bank van Aruba’s 5-Year strategic plan called, Bela Yen Nos Plan Strategico 2016-2020, aims to modernize the payment infrastructure, including the standardization of the communication of IT platforms.

Find out why you should build an ecommerce business and integrate with local banks in Aruba:

  1. Faster transaction and convenience. When you provide an e-payment to your customers you give them a more convenient shopping experience. Online payment options will allow the customers to pay without lining up to money remittance centers or banks, saving them their precious time. And as a service provider, you will also save your time from lining up for bank transactions. Time is most precious for business owners because it means more opportunity to attend to things that matter most. It’s a win-win option.
  2. Higher return on investment. Having an e-payment feature for your Aruba e-commerce business is most valuable to your market abroad. When you want to tap the global market, you should ensure that your local banks are integrated with your online business. Having an online payment option for your business is always an edge over your competitors.
  3. Lower cost of transactions. E-payment reduces the cost of a transaction including the transportation cost of going to a payment center or a bank, the cost of additional charges and the money you need for acquiring cheques. It saves you both time and money. Plus, it is what doing business online is about – the customer chooses which services he wants online and he pays for it online.

CX PAY online payment solution for Dutch Caribbean

There are many online payment providers that work with international banks but local banks in the ABC Islands (Aruba, Curacao & Bonaire) have fewer options and CX PAY is the one local caribbean payment processor and credit card processor provider that works with local banks such as Aruba Bank, CMB bank, Banco di Caribe, Vida Nova Bank, First Caribbean International bank 

About CX PAY Caribbean payment Solution Company

CXPAY is a payments solutions company that integrates International credit cards with Local banks in the CAribbean region and help developing companies and local business get started with their ecommerce and webshops.

2 years ago, Business Insider’s research service, BI Intelligence discussed the top payment providers that are now called gateways which provide businesses with an easier way of processing online transactions. Here are some of the top payment providers this year in no particular order:

Amazon Payments
Cardinal Commerce
PayPal Payments Pro
Zoho Checkout

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