Caribbean Digital Marketing for Products and Services

At JZ Marketing and Communications, we spend a considerable amount of time each week making the rounds to visit current and prospective clients. This is always an eye-opening experience. What surprises us first is how many businesses in Aruba have yet to get fully on board with digital marketing. The second thing that surprises us …


Measuring Social Media Campaigns for Marketing Success

You’ve probably heard the phrase what gets measured, gets done. There are many variations to this phrase, and while its origins remain a hotly debated topic, the variation I want to talk about today in relation to social media comes from management guru Peter Drucker: What gets measured gets improved. And nowhere is this truer …


Social Media Marketing for the Legal Profession

Whey Social Media Marketing Matters for the Legal Profession Would You Be a Friend to a Solicitor? Social media marketing for the legal profession may seem to many to be something of a paradox. Ever since Dick the Butcher exclaimed in Shakespeare’s Henry VI “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers,” the …


Inbound Marketing for Tax Advice Businesses

How to Use Inbound Marketing for Tax Advice Businesses The Challenges of Marketing a Tax Advice Business There are a significant number of challenges to marketing a tax advice business. Successful outbound marketing (advertising in the press and trade magazines) depends on your advertisement being seen by the right person at the right time, and …