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Corporate Web Design – JZ Marketing and Communications

Corporate Web Design – JZ Marketing and Communications

Starting from Scratch

Corporate web design for companies involves more than just a few well-chosen pictures placed at the top of a web page and, if you are planning a new business website, you need to think ahead about all the features and functions you would like visitors to your website to see.

Indeed, the first thing you should consider are the “personas” of the visitors you expect to be attracted to your website and how you are going to inform them of your presence. This usually involves developing an inbound marketing strategy which includes the following:

  • A business website which is SEO-optimised using keyword research to appear at the top of search engine results pages.
  • The development of a business blog to maintain fresh content on your site that will appeal to the different personas you have identified.
  • Reasons for your leads to return to your website until they become customers (“How to” videos, eBooks, etc.).
  • A loyalty/referral program to encourage your customers to become repeat customers and spread the word about your website to members of their social circles.

The planning does not end there because you also need to have a visually appealing business website which can adapt to the devices it will be viewed on (more than half of Smartphone users browse the Internet from their mobile devices) and enable the easy sharing of information through social media.

Changing an Existing Corporate Website Design

If you are not starting from scratch, but considering changing an existing business website, you may have many of the factors that are mentioned above already incorporated into your website. However, some of them may need tweaking based on how well they are achieving your goals.

JZ Marketing is an Inbound marketing agency that can assist with any element of corporate web design for companies and, if you would like to make your website more efficient, you are invited to give us a call at +297 7300077 and discuss your requirements with us.

Whether you need help attracting visitors to your business website, converting visitors to leads, leads into customers or customers into second-generation marketers, JZ Marketing will have solutions which can either improve a specific element of your business website or we can introduce you to our “All-in-One” inbound marketing strategy package.

Corporate Web Design: All Under One Roof

Squeezing every element of corporate web design for companies into one inbound marketing strategy package was pretty difficult, but we managed it with our “All-Under-One-Roof” program. The package includes practically everything you would need to build a business website from scratch or improve the performance of an existing website.

  • Website SEO – including keyword research and link building
  • Sales and marketing advice to help you cope with your influx of leads

When you call us, be sure to request a FREE MARKETING SCAN so that we can tell you whether a full package of corporate web design is necessary, or tweaking your existing content with keyword research and social media marketing would be more practical (and inexpensive!).

If you would like us to contact you – and pay for the phone call – simply put your contact details in the forms at the side or bottom of the page, and someone from our team will get back in touch at a time that is convenient to you.

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing our knowledge of corporate web design for companies.

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